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Sony VGP-BPS13 battery replacement

If you are looking for the best brand new Sony VGP-BPS13 laptop batteries at the most preferred price, you have come to the right place. We provide the highest quality VGP-BPS13 laptop batteries for the lowest price with the highest level of service, all in a secure. The VGP-BPS13 battery replacement also can replace VGP-BPL13, VGP-BPS13.

Chemistry : Li-ion
Volt : 11.1V
Capacity : 5200mAh
Dimension : 300*20.7*204.4 mm
Color : Black Or Silver
Notice : The Battery Can not Fits VGN-AW and VGN-NS
Condition : New Cell and 1 year quality warranty.
Currency :GBP Euro

£ 48.91

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Find a VGP-BPS13 battery to replace your expensive exhausted OEM battery?

Here you can select a suitable Sony VGP-BPS13 battery.
Avaliable In store . High quality and capacity guarantee.
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Sony VGP-BPS13 battery Description
  • High quality and rechargeable ( between 400 to 600 charge-discharge cycle).
  • Product Type : Replacement OEM Battery ,100% compatible with the OEM Sony VGP-BPS13 battery.
  • Works with : Sony Vaio vgn-tx, Vaio vgn-fw series.
  • Memory effect : No memory effect with li-thium VGP-BPS13 battery
  • Condition : New brand, High quality, 1 year warranty, 30 days money back!

Sony VGP-BPS13 fits model:

Replacement code :

Fits model :
SONY VGN TX Series : TX46C/B, TX46C/T, TX45C/B, TX58CN, TX57CN, TX56C/B, TX56C/T, TX36C/W, TX46C/W, TX56C/W, TX17C/B, TX17C/L, TX16C/B, TX28CP/L, TX27CP/B, TX27CP/L, TX26C/B, TX26C/T, TX16C/W, TX15C/W, TX26C/W, TX25C/W, TX37CP/B, TX36C/B, TX36C/T, TX48CP/L, TX47CP/B, TX47CP/L, TX37CP/L

Sony VGP-BPS13 laptop battery tips :

  • Do not short-circuit . A short-circuit may cause severe damage to your VGP-BPS13 battery, so Do not setting a metaillic object on your Sony VGP-BPS13 battery connect metal .
  • Although rechargeable batteries may be refreshed by charging, they still suffer degradation through usage, so please buy a replacement for your VGP-BPS13 battery.
  • If the overnight charger is not "smart" (i.e. it cannot detect when the battery is fully charged), then overcharging is likely, which will damage the battery.
  • VGP-BPS13 Laptop Battery life can be extended by storing the batteries at a low temperature, as in a refrigerator or freezer, because the chemical reactions in the batteries are slower.
  • Do not charged to higher voltages than its threshold voltage, as it would become unsafe.
  • Batteries can lose 8 to 20 percent of their original charge every year at a temperature of about 20-30C. The rate of the side reactions is reduced if the batteries are stored at low temperature.
  • Dont hit your Sony VGP-BPS13 battery pack, or it maybe explode.
  • More Info in Battery tips.